The three steps to achieve your goals

How to achieve your goals


Ok this is a simple one the only hard part is the actually getting out of bed everyday and working towards it.

So lets start at the beginning , theres three parts to every goal heres the first .


Step One 


The idea , the inspiration


So this is the easy part. Theres tones of things out there to draw inspiration from. Theres films , photos , stories , people and places to visit. find something thats going to get your juices flowing and make you feel like taking action , ACTION being the most important thing here.

A goal without action is just an idea , whatever your goal is write it down and give yourself a date when you started, how long your giving yourself to achieve it ( be realistic ). Write down what you need to to in order to break the goal down into smaller Chunks so each Chunk you achieve feels like a small win and keep track of it. 

Writing goals down have been proven to have a better success rate of nearly 50% instead of just saying to yourself I'm gonna do this and letting the goal live in you head.


Step Two


The hardest part , taking part


So heres the thing , your goals don't work unless you do. This is by far the hardest step for everyone , inspiration and motivation are great but can be weak , don’t rely on them because they will leave you when times get though. 

Discipline is the key to success. While motivation and inspiration are still coming up with excuses for not getting out of bed, discipline will be there to keep you on the straight and narrow.

I've said it once but I will say it again , I cant stress this point enough but you have got to put in the work and get your hands dirty. This is where people lose it and back out because they didn't think it would take this much effort. 

If you want to achieve that goal its simple but very hard all you have to do is take action , massive ACTION , then I promise you with self discipline , consistency and pure grit when the shit hits the fan you can achieve anything, theres plenty of people out there doing it as your reading this. 

This step is going to take the longest and will be the most painful part of a goal , but with pain comes growth and with growth there are many benefits , at one point I had two business and was working 100 hours a week i can safely say that experience taught me a hell of alot (I dont recommed a 100 hour work week). So please take action every single day. The best way to build a house is brick by brick just kept laying as many as you can everyday.


Step Three


Great , you achieved it


This is the final step but can feel the most deflating or the best feeling ever. Let me explain once you achieve the goal and have what you want then what ? looking back was it worth it. How does it make you feel now , did the experience change you as a person , did you grow from it and learn more about yourself.

I remember one of my goals was to own two houses by the age of 30 which i achieved , but it didn't make me feel any different or make me a better person when i had them , at the time of setting the goal i thought if i have two houses i would feel like i had made it. How wrong was i , don’t get me wrong its had its benefits as we have sold the house and made our lives a bit more comfortable but I did it for my ego to say yes i have two houses , which don't mean shit and is a shallow and dumb motive. 

Now I'm more interested in being a better human being and helping other people grow. The feeling and rewards are much better and give me a lot more pleasure , anyway i hope this has helped some of you and given you the three key steps to hitting that goal. Please share if you know someone it could help as well.


Go out and create , keep pushing


peace out