Let go of these type of people

Hey everyone

I hope your all doing good and having a productive week. This week i want to talk about negativity.

This can be really harmful and detrimental for your progress in general life and skills you want to improve.

My advice on this would be take a look at who you surround yourself with ,what do i mean by this. well if you have friends around you that don't support who you are or support your goals and dreams then i would advise to step back take a look around to assess things.

Theres a saying that says you are the average of the five people you surrounded yourself with. This is totally true surround yourself with like minded people and peers to keep pushing yourself forward ,if your the smartest person in the room then your in the wrong room.

So how does this relate to photography and videography or even starting a business in general. Well starting out and making that decision to learn and try something new takes guts and determination having people run you down and make negative comments about your work and talk about you isn't going to help you. Or is it , well let this drive you, get rid of those people and find someone thats going to add value to you instead of just saying your photos are Terrible and why are you starting a photography business and spending all that money on cameras.

My advice would be to find a mentor someone who is going to give you constructive criticism and help you define your art along the way , theres a ton of fantastic photographers on platforms such as instagram and youtube reach out to people and make friends ask there advice and invest in knowledge.

This is a great way to grow in any walk of life and pursue you goals at a faster rate , dump the negative and go out and find people that are going to lift you and make you grow, just remember the only person you have to prove something to is yourself . so chin up big breath in and go out and create .


Have a great week this week and make sure to start on making a difference not just to talk about it but taking notable actions. doing this a bit everyday will yield massive results .


Much love 


Team flashback peace.