The basics of photography

This is a short guide on how to get started with photography.

Hey everyone and welcome to this weeks blog/vlog.

Instead of us using a camera this week we thought we would give you some tips on how to get started in photography yourself.

So what was the first things that we learned when we brought our first camera and the problems that we came up against , this is not a tutorial its basically a guide with a nuge in the right direction. when sarah first picked up her camera the first photo was black ,she thought she had broken it and couldn't really figure out why it wasn't working properly in a manual mode, hence we both new nothing. 

So here's a few steps so you dont make the same mistakes as us.

Step 1 

Get a camera

Buy a camera that you can afford i know we can all get carried away when looking at cameras and before you know it your spending £2000 on one and still have lenses to buy for it as well. start with a phone if thats what your budget is thats fine or something basic like a nikon 3300 which was our first camera.

The next part once you have your camera would be to start in manual mode , dont start with auto setting. start as you mean to go on the quicker you get used to it the better. So the 3 things to learn about when you put your camera into manual are:


2.shutter speed


There's plenty of info on these three things out there on youtube , this is going to be your first step once you have gotten to grips with these three things you will have the basics locked down.


Step 2

So you now know how to expose a picture properly and get it in focus the next step is.


This is about making your photo pleasing to the eye. Start with the rule of thrids then go onto more advanced stuff.

Step 3

You dont know everything and dont need to

So i would say this is the hardest step you dont know everything and dont need to. stick to the basics until you have really nailed them dont try fancy stuff to early. i mean this, there is soooo much information out there it can be super distracting you start watching one video on youtube then before you know it your have lost the day watching other things than what you originally went on there for.

My advice is select what type of photos you want to take landscape, portraits etc and practice practice practice. Im no professional far from it , ive only had a camera 12 months and mainly just used a 50mm prime lens. Ive stuck with this lens and no what its capable of now and i have been in circumstances where it hasn't been ideal but it's forced me to be creative. So guys please stick to the basics , stick with one lens and shoot everything at every opportunity. This is the advice i would give to someone when starting. I hope you find some value in this and hopefully make's the learning curve easy for you guys to.

Anyway people thanks for taking your time to read this i hope its been informative for some of you , have a great week go out and shoot and i will speak to you next week ✌️.

much love team flashback.