Our reason for starting a wedding photography business vlog 01

How we started a photography and videography business.

It's a how and a why we started our business , how we are moving forward with it and where we are at with it. enjoy our story and our life.

The way we see it your inviting us to your wedding day , business and homes the least we could do is let you lovely people into our world and allow you to get to know us.

if you can see what we are like and how we are as people we believe you can make to right decision weather we are right for you so.

welcome to our lives we are just a normal family trying to chase our passions and have some fun while we are at it enjoy the blog/vlog.

9th of July 2018

Hi peeps

This is Dave i thought i would put together this first post just to explain the concept of why we are doing this , as you can see this is me showing you our real live's how we are living and what we are up to.

As you can tell from the background in the shot we are renovating our house knocking walls out and ripping ceilings down (not holding nothing back as i want to cut through the fanciness and fakeness  this is us ) so expect to see more of this building work and the renovation process. This is something we are ok with we have already gone through this process once before and renovated another house which we rented out for a few years we are now selling that house for extensions and a studio on this house.

Right I’m glad thats out the way and explained lol .

So the concept for us is that you lovely people get comfortable with us and hopefully like us and love what we do. We are all very passionate about our work , myself (dave) I’ve had a camera for around 12 months and started editing at the same time so i still have a lot to learn i strive to be the best i can be with this. The same goes for Sarah she’s only have a camera for around 16 months.

The way it started 

Was she had taken some photos of our children on her phone somebody commented on them and asked where she had them done which she replied "i have done them" , i suggested that she gets herself a camera and starts doing more of it and which she did. 

She started off with christenings and we did weddings really cheap and for free and the rest is history really and here we are still really new at it and thats something we don’t hide i do believe that we have come a long way in a short amount of time. 

As for Pete he started filming weddings when he was 14 years old with his uncle and stopped for a really long time, this is back in the day where u had those big old camera's on your shoulder. Anyway Pete's my best buddy me and him have a separate business together which we have had for around 5 - 6 years now all in all Pete's one awesome dude who we trust and he’s part of our squad (family).

I hope you enjoy the first episode just click on the links and it would mean the world to us if you like share and subscribe our content hope you all have a dope and chilled day much love Dave.

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