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Sarah Smith

A wife (well almost) to Dave. Mother of Jack, Ollie and Georgia.

I stumbled in photography by mistake really,  no uni degrees here. Just a whole lot of passion and love as I strive to always be better. Ive always been a creative soul.

Your photographer and photo editor, I love capturing those otherwise missed moments. I aim to deliver timeless pieces of art for you to hang in your homes forever more. To story tell with next generations and reminisce about your life's journey.

Im so grateful to have found this hided talent !


Peter Middleton

Camera crew, Dave’s partner in crime. 

My story starts way back in 1995, the year I began learning the art of film marking. Theres nothing quite like capturing the emotions of those close to you.

I have learned so much over the years and will continue to learn to keep up with modern techniques. 

Each video brings its own challenges, thats what makes it so rewarding.


David James

Sarah's partner and father to jack, Ollie and Georgia.

Im the guy thats puts it all together in the edit , i absolutely love this part , it's were i get to use my creativity and portray the vibe and emotions of the day by storytelling. seeing how emotionally moved and touched people can be from seeing there film makes it all worth it , that feeling is what constantly drives me to keep developing and pursue my passion for creating meaningful and heartfelt films. simply i truly love what i do.  


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